Website Design for Artists in Las Vegas – Things to consider

If you are an artist and you want to create a website to display your art for the world to see, you will probably be tempted to make the website itself a work of art. This is a logical jumping off point. Many good websites are quite beautiful, with pleasing graphics, splashes of color and other artistic details.

Although that can work well for other kinds of websites, it’s the wrong approach for showcasing your artwork online. Yes, it is counter-intuitive for many people, but you really need to go with a very plain site with a monochrome color scheme so the focus is on your art. You don’t want the website itself to be the focus.

It is best in most cases to go with either a plain white site or a plain black site. Think about how high end jewelry gets displayed on black velvet in order to show it off and keep the entire focus on the jewelry.

You want to achieve a similar effect. Photos of your art should be the most eye-catching thing on the entire site.

The site needs to be attractive, but it should be a minimalist design. Good photos of your art of good quality and a decent size should be front and center on a site that is not overly busy. Minimalist design is the way to make sure the site itself does not distract visitors from images of your art.

You want a short domain name of real words that is easy to remember and convey verbally. You want some contact information, information about where and how your art can be purchased and other functional details of that sort.

Any non-essentials should be removed. Less is more.

You also want good organization and good navigation. Make it easy for people to find the things you most want them to find. But do it in a way that doesn’t detract from the art itself.

Your landing page should feature images of your art. If you want a blog or anything else very wordy, put links to that on the landing page in a discrete manner that is readily found, such as across the top. But don’t make your landing page overly cluttered.

The internet can be a frustrating place that exposes you to harassment and other unpleasantness. This is especially true for women, people of color and certain other groups. While you need to be able to do business under your real name, you really want the focus on your art, not on you as an individual.

Think hard before including photos of you, especially if you are a woman. If you do include them, you really want to go for a professional appearance, not an attractive or sexy appearance.

Also, consider placing them on a bio page, not the landing page. Contrary to the famous saying “There’s no such thing as bad publicity,” there is, in fact, such a thing as bad publicity. You want your website to attract positive attention to your art. You do not want it to attract problematic attention to you personally.

You can’t change the fact that there are some crackpots out in the world, but you can do some things to place the emphasis on the things you want people to notice. This is your work, not you.

Good design does look good, but that isn’t really the point. Good design should be functional and should steer people in the direction you want them steered. Design choices should be made with goals in mind. You should be able to answer the question “Why am I doing this?” or “Why am I doing it this way?”

The point of art may be self expression, but that isn’t the point of a business site. Your art site should be viewed as a virtual business show room, not another medium of expression. Always keep that in mind.

Website Design in Las Vegas

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Finding Inspiration February 8th, 2016

Finding Inspiration. My tips and suggestions.

What sorts of things inspire art? The answer is that artists can get their inspiration from a variety of different sources, and it’s easier than one might think. Painters in particular can find the source of their next painting in many more ways than one.

1) Nature. Going out into nature can be a great source of inspiration for any painter. Artists can take a leisurely walk through a local park or botanic garden, or they can travel to a nearby forest or lake in order to experience the beauty that being outside has to offer. Make sure you bring a flashlight, like this one, with you if you are traveling at night time. You’ll need to protect yourself! Seeing scenery like trees, flowers, animal life, and more can all be greatly inspiring.

2) Cafes. Sitting in a local cafe provides artists with an opportunity to observe other people. As painters watch the wide variety of people who stop by to eat or drink, they can pay special attention to physical features, like clothes, skin, and hair, and begin to shape a portrait in their minds. Later, they can take these unique features and bring a stranger to life in a new painting.

3) Travel Magazines and Postcards. These two things are perfect for artists who may not have the time or money to travel. By looking through travel magazines, painters can find inspiration for painting in the form of world architecture, monuments, fashion, etc. Postcards typically display the most beautiful scenes, which can inspire artistic expression.

4) Museums. Visiting an art or history museum is another great way to get inspired to paint. Looking at professional works of art from both local and world-renowned artists is a surefire way to get the creative juices flowing. Art can definitely inspire other art.

5) Music. One might not think that a non-visual form of art such as music could possibly inspire visual expression such as painting, but it can. When artists listen to music that evokes their emotions, it opens the channels of creativity. While listening to music, painters can imagine scenes that are tragic and dark, or jubilant and beautiful, and they can use that as a basis for their next painting.

The truth is, there are so many ways for painters to become inspired. Inspiration is out there, readily available for any artist who is ready and willing. All one has to do is utilize his or her imagination by taking advantage of what’s around him and be open to getting inspired.

Finding The Best Art Websites – For Fellow Artists

To find the best art websites online means different things to different people. Are you looking for the most successful artists from a monetary perspective? Or perhaps you are looking for the most socially connected artists? Or maybe a particular style? Your first task is to determine specifics, as the art world is vast.

One great way to find art is to use Google+. This is Google’s social networking functionality. Once you have an account, look for art communities you like. Photography, Paintings, and 3D work… All the genres are there. Careful, this site is addictive, and you can end up spending more time than you planned to, looking, commenting, and sharing art. It’s great fun.

Of course, the old tried and true method of searching for websites using search engines is a great way to find the best art websites. If you are purchasing fine art, going through a gallery is normally the most expensive way to do so. According to John in Las Vegas, you should contact an artist directly. This might be the cheapest way to acquire a piece, although many artists are not able to bridge the gap between art and sales, so this may be problematic. For example, you might be looking for unique art like tea art. If so, you’ll want to reach out to the artist or the blog to find the artists website. That’s where you’ll find the best pieces.

Blogs can be a great way to find art sites. Keep in mind that the top ten websites on one blog will be entirely different from the top ten sites on another blog. Bloggers, like everyone, find different artistic works appealing. Just find a blogger that you agree with, and they will do all the groundwork for you when it comes to finding great art websites.

To sum up, “art” is highly subjective. Art you love someone else might hate. Just go with what pleases you, and forget about the rest of it. In the final analysis, you are the one that needs to determine which art websites are the best. The most you can expect from others when searching for a site is advice and guidance.

So expect to do some groundwork of searching for the best art websites out there. Be forewarned, there are a lot of them. You could spend literally all of your time looking for them. Although the more specific you are in your search, the easier it will be to find the sites you really like best.

4 Famous Photographers From The USA

Who are the most famous photographers from the USA? Below are a few famous photographers from the United States.

Annie Leibovitz
Leibovitz is 66-years-old and was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, and she is one of the most famous portrait photographers in the world. Her work has been features on publications such as Rolling Stones and Vanity Fair. She has photographed many celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Cyndi Lauper and Bruce Springsteen to name a few.

Art Wolfe
Wolfe was born in 1951, and he is well-known for his images of wildlife, landscapes and native culture. His work is known around the world, and he has won many awards for his photography, with one of them being the Photo Media magazine’s photographer of the year (1996).

Bruce Weber
Brice Weber is a fashion photographer from Pennsylvania. He has worked with many well-known brands that are known around the globe. Some of the companies he has worked with include Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Gianni Versace and Revlon. Weber’s work has appeared in publications such as GQ, Elle, Rolling Stone, Vogue and Vanity Fair. Weber’s work first appears in a GQ magazine in the late 70s. His photography often made it to the cover of the magazine.

Not only is Weber a famous photographer, but he is a businessman. He created a fashion brand called Weberblit, which was launched in 2003.

Terry Richardson
Another famous photographer from the USA is Terry Richardson, 50, from New York City. He is a fashion photographer who has shot advertising campaigns for Tom Ford and Supreme. Many magazines have featured Richardson’s work. GQ, Vanity Fair, i-D, Vice and Vogue are a few publications that Richardson’s work has appeared in. Asides from photographing models, Richardson has directed many videos. Some of the artists’ videos he has worked on include Young Love, Beyonce and he did the treatment for a Lady Gaga and R. Kelly video. He also directed Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.

Terry Richardson, Bruce Weber, Art Wolfe and Annie Leibovitz are not the only famous photographers from America, but they are some of the top photographers in the world.

Famous Comic Strips For Inspiration

There a few syndicated comics that the world will simply never forget. They will always be part of our memories and part of our lives. One comic that will always be remembered is Garfield. Garfield was a household cat that always got into trouble. He was a chubby cat, with a yellowish orange color. Fumbling around and getting into things with his best friend the dog Nermal. The syndication began in the 80’ and continued into the 90’s. Humorous and delightful adults and children all alike were and still are thoroughly entertained by Garfield.

Opus appeared in the year 2003 to 2008. This was the first syndicated comic about a Penguin. It was large with a colorful personality. Most fans would remember Opus by his large nose, and how he always got himself into trouble. Poking her and there, he could not help himself, to be taken away by curiosity. Friends of Opus are Bill, which was a cat, Milo and Binkley. Bill played the part of a boy that apparently was not all there, due to the use of drugs earlier in his life. The comic was hilarious and fit right into the times, when it came to relaxing and having a few laughs.

And then there’s the Peanuts comic. Peanuts is one of America’s most famous comic strips, arriving on scene in the 1950s. Continuing until the 2000s it was about a diverse group of kids who lived in the same area, along with a little dog named Snoopy. The comic portrayed the kids going through life experiences. Some of the scenes were actually sad. Snoopy entailed more wisdom than one thing, and it was written into the story lines. He was extremely cool and laid back, sometimes even wearing shades. For example, in one of the scenes where the gang was trying to find a Christmas tree and decorate it. It was proving to be much more difficult then they thought. Then it showed Snoopy having found a huge tree and had decorated it fully, all on his own, with no problem. Charlie Brown was considered the one the others listened to. He had a low key, rational personality. Lucy on the other hand was kind of bossy, and then you had many others in their bunch.

Syndicated comics will always be a part of our lives. Whether we are reliving the older ones or creating new ones. They give you a break from reality, something that we all need every now and then.