Famous Comic Strips For Inspiration

There a few syndicated comics that the world will simply never forget. They will always be part of our memories and part of our lives. One comic that will always be remembered is Garfield. Garfield was a household cat that always got into trouble. He was a chubby cat, with a yellowish orange color. Fumbling around and getting into things with his best friend the dog Nermal. The syndication began in the 80’ and continued into the 90’s. Humorous and delightful adults and children all alike were and still are thoroughly entertained by Garfield.

Opus appeared in the year 2003 to 2008. This was the first syndicated comic about a Penguin. It was large with a colorful personality. Most fans would remember Opus by his large nose, and how he always got himself into trouble. Poking her and there, he could not help himself, to be taken away by curiosity. Friends of Opus are Bill, which was a cat, Milo and Binkley. Bill played the part of a boy that apparently was not all there, due to the use of drugs earlier in his life. The comic was hilarious and fit right into the times, when it came to relaxing and having a few laughs.

And then there’s the Peanuts comic. Peanuts is one of America’s most famous comic strips, arriving on scene in the 1950s. Continuing until the 2000s it was about a diverse group of kids who lived in the same area, along with a little dog named Snoopy. The comic portrayed the kids going through life experiences. Some of the scenes were actually sad. Snoopy entailed more wisdom than one thing, and it was written into the story lines. He was extremely cool and laid back, sometimes even wearing shades. For example, in one of the scenes where the gang was trying to find a Christmas tree and decorate it. It was proving to be much more difficult then they thought. Then it showed Snoopy having found a huge tree and had decorated it fully, all on his own, with no problem. Charlie Brown was considered the one the others listened to. He had a low key, rational personality. Lucy on the other hand was kind of bossy, and then you had many others in their bunch.

Syndicated comics will always be a part of our lives. Whether we are reliving the older ones or creating new ones. They give you a break from reality, something that we all need every now and then.

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