Finding Inspiration February 8th, 2016

Finding Inspiration. My tips and suggestions.

What sorts of things inspire art? The answer is that artists can get their inspiration from a variety of different sources, and it’s easier than one might think. Painters in particular can find the source of their next painting in many more ways than one.

1) Nature. Going out into nature can be a great source of inspiration for any painter. Artists can take a leisurely walk through a local park or botanic garden, or they can travel to a nearby forest or lake in order to experience the beauty that being outside has to offer. Make sure you bring a flashlight, like this one, with you if you are traveling at night time. You’ll need to protect yourself! Seeing scenery like trees, flowers, animal life, and more can all be greatly inspiring.

2) Cafes. Sitting in a local cafe provides artists with an opportunity to observe other people. As painters watch the wide variety of people who stop by to eat or drink, they can pay special attention to physical features, like clothes, skin, and hair, and begin to shape a portrait in their minds. Later, they can take these unique features and bring a stranger to life in a new painting.

3) Travel Magazines and Postcards. These two things are perfect for artists who may not have the time or money to travel. By looking through travel magazines, painters can find inspiration for painting in the form of world architecture, monuments, fashion, etc. Postcards typically display the most beautiful scenes, which can inspire artistic expression.

4) Museums. Visiting an art or history museum is another great way to get inspired to paint. Looking at professional works of art from both local and world-renowned artists is a surefire way to get the creative juices flowing. Art can definitely inspire other art.

5) Music. One might not think that a non-visual form of art such as music could possibly inspire visual expression such as painting, but it can. When artists listen to music that evokes their emotions, it opens the channels of creativity. While listening to music, painters can imagine scenes that are tragic and dark, or jubilant and beautiful, and they can use that as a basis for their next painting.

The truth is, there are so many ways for painters to become inspired. Inspiration is out there, readily available for any artist who is ready and willing. All one has to do is utilize his or her imagination by taking advantage of what’s around him and be open to getting inspired.

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